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<p>iSy comes complete with everything an implant case needs. Enclosed with the implants and its pre-mounted implant base, the all-in sets contain a single patient form drill, a gingiva former, and two multifunctional caps. A cover cap is also included. But you only need this if submerged healing proves necessary.</p>
<h2>Components of the single implant set:</h2>
Alles auf einen Klick - Bestandteile eines 1er-Implantat-Sets

Single patient form drill

Cover cap

2 Multifunctional caps (Impression taking, scanning, temporary restoration and bite registration)

iSy Implant with pre-mounted implant base

Gingiva former

<h2>All-in-sets overview</h2>
<h3><strong>All-in-sets of 1</strong></h3><ul> <li>1 Implant with pre-mounted<br>implant base</li> <li>1 Cover cap</li> <li>1 Gingiva former</li> <li>2 Multifunctional caps</li> <li>1 Single patient form drill</li> </ul>
<h3><strong>All-in-sets of 4</strong></h3><ul> <li>4 Implants with pre-mounted<br>implant base</li> <li>4 Cover caps</li> <li>4 Gingiva formers</li> <li>8 Multifunctional caps</li> <li>1 Single patient form drill</li> </ul>