CEREC® – The iSy way.

<p>iSy is the intelligent implant system: lean range, easy to handle and highly efficient. iSy has a particularly smart solution in store for CEREC® users: scan adapter and scanbody are simply snapped on to the pre-mounted implant base – no need for a screwdriver. This saves several work steps and you save time. </p> <p><br>Simply snap on and scan – This is iSy. Convince yourself.</p>

iSy Implantat platzieren Place the iSy Implant

Sirona Scanadapter aufklicken Click in to the iSy scan adapter for Sirona

Sirona Scanbody aufstecken Snap on to the Sirona scanbody

Titanbasis CAD/CAM und „ScanPost” als Scankörper-Typ wählen Select titanium base CAD/CAM and “ScanPost” as scanbody type

Z. B. mit CEREC® Omnicam scannen For example, scan with CEREC® Omnicam

Scankomponenten entfernen Remove scan components

Gingivaformer aufklicken Snap on to the gingiva former

Krone gestalten Design crown

Krone fräsen Mill crown

Krone fertigstellen Finish crown

Implantatbasis entfernen Remove the implant base

Krone einsetzen Insert the crown