The future is digital.

<p>The iSy Implant system is connected perfectly to computer-aided design and fabrication processes via various interfaces for oral and laboratory scans. This makes a customized CAD/CAM-fabricated prosthetic restoration very easy with iSy. It makes no difference, whether you work with a chairside system, a labside system or an external CAD/CAM service provider. </p> <p>With DEDICAM®*, iSy covers a broad spectrum of constructions: one-piece abutments and gingiva formers, mesostructures and crowns for titanium bases as well as direct screw retention for bridges (with minimum 6 implants) and bars (with minimum 4 implants).</p>
<p>The mesostructures and crowns are available made of the materials Zirlux® FC2 and IPS e.max® CAD.<br><br>DEDICAM® provides you with exemplary service and quality control across all process steps. And it becomes even easier with the DEDICAM® Scan &amp; Design Service, which can take on the entire digital realization according to your specifications. This allows the design and production of digital prosthetics completely without CAD equipment.</p>
<p><br>Digital interfaces: the process chain starts with an oral scan or cast situation. To accomplish this, the iSy Multifunctional cap on the iSy Implant base, the iSy ScanPost on the iSy Implant, the iSy ScanPost for Sirona on the iSy Implant (compatible with Sirona Scanbodies S*) and the iSy ScanAdapter for Sirona on the iSy Implant base (compatible with Sirona Scanbodies S*) are available (from left to right). </p> <p>* Information about the Sirona Scanbodies is available from <a href="" target="_blank" class="external-link-new-window">Sirona Dental Systems GmbH</a>.</p>
<p><br>The DEDICAM® Portfolio for iSy includes a broad spectrum of CAD/CAM-fabricated constructions. </p> <p>*DEDICAM® or specific CAD/CAM Services are not available in all countries. Please contact your sale rep for additional information.</p>