iSy CAM titanium blanks

<p>Customized, one-piece titanium abutments and gingiva formers can be fabricated with CAM blanks on CNC milling machines. The CAM titanium blanks contain a prefabricated implant-abutment connection with screw channel. CAM titanium blanks are available in two designs: </p>
<p><strong>Type IAC: </strong><br>Clamping to the machine is performed at the implant-abutment connection. The system-relevant collets for CAM blanks, type IAC, are available as primary clamping devices for this type.<br><br> </p> <p><strong>Type ME:&nbsp;</strong><br>Clamping to the milling machine is performed on the cylindrical section opposite the implant-abutment connection. Abutment holders for the Preface® Abutments by Medentika® can be used as machine-specific clamping devices. These collets are available for suitable CNC milling machines from the respective machine manufacturers.</p>
<p>A corresponding CAM library as well as suitable holders and brackets are required for processing both blank variants. Information on the compatibility of the iSy® CAM titanium blanks with CNC milling machines is available from the respective manufacturers of the machines and software. </p> <p><strong> CAD LIBRARIES</strong><br>CAD libraries with the geometries of the iSy® CAM titanium blanks, the iSy® Scanbodies and the iSy® Multifunctional cap allow the construction of one-piece titanium abutments and gingiva formers. The libraries including instructions for import are available <a href="/en/working-with-isy/cad-libraries/" class="internal-link-new-window">for download here</a>. </p>