Locator® retained mandibular complete prosthesis (iSy® by Camlog)
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Locator® retained mandibular complete prosthesis (iSy® by Camlog)

author: Dr. K.-L Ackermann, MDT G. Neuendorff, MDT Ch. Hammerl-Riempp
indication: fully edentulous
02. October 2015

Mucosa-supported complete prostheses with poor fit greatly reduce people's quality of life. This is why the importance of implant-supported prosthetic restorations is increasing among the group of edentulous patients. If this wish is accompanied by limited financial resources, then simplified therapeutic approaches can be offered, for example, a Locator retained prosthesis. This type of restoration, in conjunction with the implant system iSy® by Camlog, is both efficient and financially attractive.


Case presentation

The 76-year-old female patient has been edentulous for over 20 years and wears purely mucosa-supported complete prostheses. In particular, the mandibular prosthesis displays a poor fit and severely restricts the patient in everyday life. After consultation, she decided in favor of an implant-supported restoration, but refused extensive surgical measures. The transgingival healing implant iSy® by Camlog was selected as the implant system. Prosthetic restoration was to be performed using a Locator® retained prosthesis. Despite the highly atrophied mandible, elaborate surgical measures (for example, vestibuloplasty) as well as computer-guided planning could be dispensed with. A new, mucosa-supported prosthesis was to be fabricated for the maxilla.