System overview

<h3><strong>iSy scores.</strong></h3> <p>Particularly when it comes to price, quality and efficiency.</p>

iSy Surgical and prosthetic set

Concentration on the basics: the iSy Implant System has been developed for efficiency from the start. The clearly-arranged instrument tray ensures a focus on the basics: efficient implant treatment.

Round bur, Ø 3.5 mm

iSy® Pilot drill, Ø 2.8 mm

iSy® Direction and depth indicator

iSy® Direction and depth indicator

iSy® Tap, Ø 3.8 mm

iSy® Tap, Ø 4,4 mm

iSy® Tap, Ø 5,0 mm

iSy® Drill extension

iSy® ISO adapter

iSy® Tap adapter

iSy® Implant insertion tool, long, manual/wrench

iSy® Implant insertion tool, short, manual/wrench

iSy® Implant insertion tool ISO, short

iSy® Handle, for gingiva formers and caps, long

iSy® Abutment screwdriver, long

iSy® Abutment screwdriver, short

iSy® Abutment disconnector, short

iSy® Torque wrench

iSy® Guide and holding key

iSy® implant sets

iSy implants are avalaible as single implant set and a set of 4 implants. A Set includes implant(s), single patient form drill, gingiva former, multifunctional caps and pre-mounted implant bases. Cover caps come packed separately, and free of charge.

iSy® Single patient form drill

iSy® Implants

The proven Promote surface of iSy Implants with their pre-mounted implant base is impressive. After placement of the implant, the base remains on the implant and holds the healing cap, impression cap and temporary restoration. Completely without screws. The conical implant-abutment connection has an inner taper of 7.5° and a consistent internal diameter for all implant sizes. One size fits all.

iSy® healing cap

The healing caps snap effortlessly onto the implant base. An impression of the soft tissue can be taken immediately.

iSy® Multifunctional cap

One for all: the multifunctional cap can be digitally scanned, used for conventional impression-taking and cuts a fine figure as a temporary base. The snap function mechanism requires no screw and ensures easy position transfer.

iSy® Adapter for guide and holding key

iSy® Hex screwdriver, long

iSy® Hex screwdriver, short

iSy® Cover cap

<p>For a complete system overview please go on page 16 of our <a href="" target="_blank">iSy Brochure</a>.</p>
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